Sr. Maria Regina Mgbakor, IHM, the Director of the Maranatha Caring Mission (MCM) has a long history of fundraising and completing important projects. As a Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Nigeria, she raised the money and built the Madonna Schools in Owerri, Imo State, and other projects. In 2002, Sr. Regina came to the United State to further her education. She has completed a Bachelors degree in Business Management at Mount Mercy University and received an MBA and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Seton Hall University.

Sr. Regina and her good friend and mentor Sr. Mary Julia Kepros, RSM have worked on several projects in Nigeria while she was a student. Together, they raised donations from donors to help three schools in Nigeria. In 2005, they started helping St. Timothy’s Nursery/Primary School in Ukwulu because the school lacked basic needs. At the time, students were sitting on bare floors. They provided desks, texts books, note books, band uniforms, and other school supplies, a water storage tank, a well, and then helped build a new school structure. They helped Blessed Imelda School in Ihiala to get a well and raised funds to renovate their building so they could reside in a healthier environment. They also helped procure funds for a well because the students of Saints Peter and Paul School in Umumbo were drinking pond water, the only source of water in their village which led to many illnesses.

The success of the above missions was because of the love and support of their faithful donors over the years. The generosity of these donors in helping share and spread the love of Jesus to the less privileged in our world is appreciated. The Sisters are excited to begin new and even more ambitious projects.